Bio Foam Spray insulation are the manufacturers of the highest preforming insulations on the market. Biofaom spray insulations are intelligent insulation systems; they are insulations which offer air-tightness and soundproofing in one application.


Spray foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has been around now for over 30 years. these early spray foams were all chemical blown and were manufactured primarily from petroleum derived chemicals. In the last few years water blown systems were introduced these revolutionized the spray foam industry. This made spray foam a much more affordable insulation system. Shortly after this bio-derived spray foam systems started to emerge onto the market. The first one's were produced from soya. The newer spray foam systems are derived from castor oil as this is much more price comparative and more ecologically sustainable.

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Why Biofoam?

All Biofoam products are produced from the highest quantity of bio-renewable materials. All our products are water blown systems, not chemical blown they are castor based products not soy based. This makes our product more ecologically sustainable compared to any other spray foam. Our products are manufactured by us in Ireland to ISO 9001:2008 quality assured standards.


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BIOFOAM is only installed by Bio Foam Spray insulation-trained professionals. A nationwide network of Approved Contractors is available throughout the Ireland and the UK. To find one of our installers in your area contact us today.

Insulation Thermal
Settles /
Breaks Down
Biofoam 800 0.037 Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Biofoam 1600 0.033 Yes Yes Yes No Semi
Biofoam 2700 0.032 Yes Yes Yes No No
Fiberglass 0.044 No No No Yes Yes
Sheepwool 0.037 No No No Yes Yes
Blown Cellulose 0.036 No Yes No Yes Yes
Rockwool 0.044 No No Yes Yes Yes